How does buying a wholesale coloured diamond vary from buying a standard diamond?

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How does buying a wholesale coloured diamond vary from buying a standard diamond?

24 August 2015
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Australia is famous for it's supply of stunning pink diamonds, and these can be a unique way to personalise your engagement ring. Given the limited supply of coloured diamonds and higher price tag, many buyers choose to buy wholesale coloured diamond and get a ring designed to maximise the beauty of the stone they choose. Here is what to expect when searching for a wholesale coloured diamond.

Specialised suppliers

Not all dealers carry a stock of coloured diamonds, so you'll probably be dealing with a more limited selection of dealers. Luckily, with online shopping you can now expand your search to different geographies easily, which can help if none of the local diamond wholesale dealers have quite the stone you have in mind.

Learn the 4 new Cs

When you are shopping for a white diamond, it's all about the 4 Cs; cut, clarity, carat weight and colour. The focus changes with coloured diamonds, with more intense colours gathering a premium. The premium for coloured diamonds varies depending on the colour rarity, with yellows and browns generally commanding less of a premuim than pinks and blues. There is also less of a focus on clarity, although clearer diamonds still command a premuim, as coloured diamonds often have small inclusions. Carat weight still has a large bearing on price. 

A small supply

Due to the rarity of coloured diamonds, there is often not as much choice at different sizes and shapes as with standard diamonds even in the wholesale market. If you are looking for multiple stones, for a 3 stone ring for example, you may need to be flexible in matching a large and slightly different toned centre stone with smaller and differently toned side stones.

Timing is everything

Due to the small supply, the individual mines have more power in the coloured market. If you have a particular colour in mind, it can be useful to research when that mine releases stones and send a wholesale dealer to buy for you directly rather than relying on their stock. For example, Arygle mine in WA release pink diamonds in an annual tender process, and buying during this time can offer a greater choice than buying through the year from dealers stock on hand.

Coloured diamonds are a unique and beautiful choice for an engagement ring. If you are considering a coloured diamond purchase why not visit a coloured diamond wholesalers to see what your budget could purchase.