Tips on Buying Jewellery for Children

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Tips on Buying Jewellery for Children

27 August 2015
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Jewellery makes a wonderful gift for children, giving them something to cherish throughout their life and forever associate with the giver. Adults can sometimes have misgivings about buying children's jewellery, however, as they fear buying something unsuitable for their age range or taste. Thankfully, there are enough styles out there to appeal to any age, fashion taste and budget. Here are some handy tips to help you find the perfect jewellery gift for your child.


Girls may be notoriously easy to buy for, but buying the right piece of jewellery still requires careful consideration. Depending on their taste (tomboy, girly, trendy etc) girls may enjoy a specific style of jewellery. For the girly or princess-obsessed, things like silver lockets and pendant necklaces are sure to go down well as these evoke images of romance, far-off kingdoms and fantasy worlds.

For more casual girls who may not wear jewellery very often, friendship bracelets and woven necklaces can be a good choice, as these differ from traditional-looking jewellery whilst retaining a special feel. Charm bracelets are also suitable for this reason, since the charms can be bought separately, which is perfect for the girl with an eclectic 'mix and match' style.

For girls in their early teens and older, jewellery can reflect a more mature style in the form of earrings and statement bangles. As younger girls, multiple bangles can make a versatile and fun gift, but a single sterling silver bangle suggests grown-up and ladylike -- making this a great gift for a sixteenth birthday or to celebrate an important milestone at school. Earrings also make a versatile gift for girls, since dangly styles can appeal to girly girls whilst studs can range from feminine to plain for those with low-key, casual tastes.


The little man in your life may not show much enthusiasm for wearing jewellery, but there are in fact a wide range of accessories that boys of all ages can feel comfortable sporting. For young boys easing into wearing jewellery, surfer style bracelets are a good choice, as this makes them feel on trend and smart without appearing too fussy. Another good piece for everyday casual wear can be leather cuffs as these can come with studs for a more menacing look or feature flat silver hardware for personal messages and inscriptions.

For older boys or those mature enough to care for genuine jewellery pieces, a quality diamond jeweller's watch can make for a stunning, grown-up gift. Whether given to them as a long held keepsake from birth or to celebrate a birthday or school achievement, boys of all ages will greatly appreciate a smart and sophisticated watch.

Finally, if you have trouble finding a unisex gift, a piece that incorporates their individual birthstone is something that all children can cherish now and into their adult years.  For more tips, you can contact a professional jeweller, like Matusik Jewellers. Hopefully, the above tips have inspired some jewellery buying ideas for the special boy or girl in your life!