Unique Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

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Unique Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

7 June 2021
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When you wear a ring on your wedding day, keep in mind that it will remain on your finger for as long as you stay married to your partner. Therefore, you need to put much thought into a wedding ring design, and customised wedding bands are a great option. Notably, you can choose from many customisation techniques such as engraving. The procedure is possible on wood, metal, and stone, three of the most common materials used to make wedding rings. However, what should you engrave on wedding rings to make them unique? Here are some ideas.

Special GPS Coordinates

New couples have several places that mean a lot to their relationship. For instance, if your fiancé proposed to you at a fancy hotel or the beach, that location will hold a special place in your heart. Similarly, some people never forget the place they had their first date. However, such places remain a figment of the imagination, especially for couples who have moved far away. If you want to keep memories that unique places hold, you can engrave their GPS coordinates on your wedding ring. For example, if your first date was a movie night, you can search the exact GPS location of the movie theatre and engrave the coordinates on your wedding ring. Therefore, you will always be walking around with coordinates of a place you both consider special.

Vows Sound Wave

Wedding vows are special because they express how you intend to relate with your spouse and navigate life together. Traditionally, couples have always written down their wedding vows. While there is nothing wrong with the approach, the best you can do to keep the note safe is to lock it in a safe or some other secure place. However, what if there was a way you could have your partner's wedding vows with you at all times? Sound waves make it possible because you can capture your partner's voice recording and engrave the pattern on your wedding ring. Sound waves are unique because the pattern depends on your voice's pitch. It means that you can record the same wedding vows as your partner, but the sound waves will be different.

Split Messages

Marriage entails two people coming together to form a union. For a marriage to work, partners must understand each other. A wedding ring can emphasise the idea because you can engrave a split message between your band and your partner's. It can be achieved by creating a unique message that makes sense as far as your relationship goes. For instance, 'I found a reason and the reason is you' is a common phrase, which couples love to tell each other. The message can be split into two parts; 'I found a reason' and 'and the reason is you.' You can engrave the first part of the message on your ring and the second part on your partner's ring.

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